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Post a Comment. The year is So with All That losing ratings, he decided to make another spinoff show from All That with a former cast member. The person he chose was Jamie Lynn Spears, who at the time was mostly known as Britney Spears’ younger sister. The show was none other than Zoey which debuted on January 9, There was a time when PCA was an all boys’ boarding school and they recently lifted that rule so that girls could attend it. It mostly focuses on their everyday school life and the crazy scenarios they would go through. Throughout the series, Chase develops a crush on Zoey and tries his best to tell her his feelings.

Zoey 101 logan and zoey dating

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Quinn offers Chase a quick answer to his question at their meeting by saying, Logan and Quinn have been dating in secret for 5 months and it was starting to.

Subscriber Account active since. Nickelodeon’s “Zoey ” premiered in January and ended in May after four seasons. Nowadays, some of the cast members continue to act, but others have left the entertainment industry behind for the most part. Four years later, the main cast members sans Spears, who was filming a show at the time met up and shared plenty of photos and videos on social media.

Then, it was revealed that Spears and some of her “Zoey ” costars would be reuniting for an episode of Nickelodeon’s “All That” release date to be determined. Here’s what the cast of “Zoey ” has been up to since the show ended 12 years ago. The show hits the streaming service on May 19, , based on Sherryl Woods’ book series. Many fans speculated that “Zoey ” ended due to her pregnancy at 16 years old.

Zoey 101 – Episode Guide

Episode List. Episode: 1×01 Airdate: Jan 9, Zoey’s first day at Pacific Coast Academy finds her challenging the boys to a basketball game against her all-girl team, which has not yet been formed. Jamie Lynn Spears. Chase: Sean Flynn. Dana: Kristin Herrera.

Every episode of Zoey ever, ranked from worst to best by thousands of votes from fans of Zoey starts dating Dean Rivers’ son. Meanwhile, Logan makes a dance video for girls so they can dance with him from the TV. #4 – Quinn’s Date.

It originally aired on May 2, and stars as Zoey Brooks. She naturally makes a mixture against it,. Chase and Logan visit the lounge during the and, and while there, Logan gives the girls a huge teddy bear. It gives Zoey an idea to put together a time capsule, and Mr. Logan and Quinn announce their relationship at the prom when Stacey is trying to kiss him and he instantly shouts that he loves Quinn.

Contents show, eventually fall for him, nicole begin relationship the prom, they told everyone on this, zoey.

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I hope that most of you grew up with the show or at least have seen reruns. I may or may not have watched some this weekend. And by that I mean I definitely did. For those of you reside under rocks, basically the show is about the life of Zoey Brooks and her friends go about their life at Pacific Coast Academy PCA.

Seventeen talked with the cast of Zoey about their big reunion for All That, show where Jaime Lynn Spears, who also starred as Zoey in Zoey , had her first start. Erin Sanders: Are Logan and Quinn still dating?!

A printable Episode Guide for Zoey a handy overview of all of the shows. Dustin is dating a girl Jennette McCurdy with a questionable background. Logan is desperate to be accepted into a secret society at school; Quinn acts like. Read Zoey reviews from parents on Common Sense Media. But I think its cute to see that Logan and Quinn of all boys and girls, eventually fall. Zoey full episodes quinn and logan dating. Posted by Admin. The Nickelodeon comedy-drama series, originally aired from January 9, to May 2, Erin Sanders Quinn auditioned for the part of Nicole.

Dating back to August , there has been talk that Jamie Lynn-Spears. Despite the fact the two play best friends on Zoey , the girls fights reportedly keep escalating. In April , Matthew Underwood Logan was arrested at his residence. Synopsis Teenager settles new boarding school Malibu makes a wide range fr an American comedy-drama.

The WORST Episodes of Zoey 101

During the four seasons, her hair goes from: blonde, to brown, to brown on the bottom and blonde on top. Her favorite food is grapes. She will sometimes be found offering them to people or asking for them from other people who have them.

Anguished Declaration of Love: Logan and Quinn in Chasing Zoey though not to start dating later on, but this was switched to Logan and Quinn after Kristen.

Turns out, the reason why Zoey ended back in was not, as was rumored at the time, because the then year-old Spears was pregnant with her daughter Maddie. Nope, it was because of something way more mundane. She even came up with her own hashtags to do it. To celebrate the anniversary of the show, which focused on Zoey settling into her new Malibu boarding school. Spears took to Instagram to post a tribute to the Zoey theme song. The post was about something much more than how good the theme song was, however, which became obvious once you read her hashtags: ” itdidNOTendbecauseofpregnancy” and ” contractwasfinished.

In the end, Spears’ reason for leaving Pacific Coast Academy was something far less scandalous. Spears wasn’t done spilling the tea about her time on Zoey I knew it wouldn’t. She ended up having to dye it lighter, which she admits was “such a pain in the ass.

Full List of Zoey 101 Episodes

Zoey ended when Spears — the show’s titular character — got pregnant with her first child at Aside from raising daughter Maddie , who was hospitalized at age 8 after sustaining serious injuries during an ATV accident in February , the actress pivoted to a country music career. She released her first single in , followed by her debut EP The Journey in Flynn played Chase, who was obviously in love with Zoey throughout all 65 episodes of the series but remained in the friend zone.

Flynn’s last acting bit came in , when he and Christopher Massey revived their characters to reveal what Zoey wrote about Chase in a time capsule they buried 10 years ago. Following her breakout role as Lola, Justice appeared in a Nickelodeon TV movie and guest-starred on some of the network’s other shows, like iCarly and The Naked Brothers Band, before landing her own series, Victorious.

Jul 29, – Zoey series Logan Reese and Quinn Pensky dating Quogan. See more ideas about Zoey , Zoey, Logan reese.

The Nickelodeon comedy-drama series, Zoey originally aired from January 9, to May 2, A total of 61 episodes were aired, spanning four seasons. When Quinn accidentally spills her own germ in their dorm room, the girls along with Logan, Chase, and Michael are Quarantined in their room until it is proved to be safe. However, they begin to drive each other crazy; Michael is VERY hungry, Lola keeps screaming because she is auditioning for a play, Logan is obsessed with looking at himself in the mirror, Chase begins to feel ill, Quinn is worried that Mark may be cheating on her, and Zoey has to miss a date with an extremely cute guy named Danny.

Zoey’s parents come for an unexpected visit to PCA and tell Zoey and Dustin that they are moving to England because Zoey’s dad’s business is starting a new branch in London. When offered to accompany the parents to London, Dustin quickly declines the offer because he is seeing someone, but Zoey decides to think about it first. Although Zoey treasures Chase’s opinion, Chase had heard the rumor before Zoey gets a chance to tell him about the news.

Zoey 101 Quinn And Logan Dating

This is a list of characters from the Nickelodeon comedy-drama Zoey , an American television series which originally aired on Nickelodeon from January 9, until May 2, Zoey Brooks Jamie Lynn Spears is the main character in the series. Zoey enjoys basketball and is one of the first girls on the PCA Basketball Team; she also enjoys designing clothes and backpacks.

Zoey is quite good at playing disc golf and she is a good actress and won the role of a female alien in the school play alongside, Logan Reese. Zoey runs for class president, but drops out due to her friendship with Chase.

Watch Zoey Full Episodes Online. Quinn and Logan are beginning to realize they dont hate each other. Zoey starts dating the deans son.

The following is a list of quotes from the fourth season Zoey It was aired between January 27 to May 2, Quinn : OKAY! Chase : Zoey transfered back to PCA?! Zoey :: Chase moved to England?! Zoey left England. She went back to — Zoey : Hey. Chase : Zoey. Zoey : Yeah. And you’re in England

Logan & Quinn – Girlfriend