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Rainbow Oh Seungah Vocal. Two X Eunyoung Rap,Maknae. First meeting : G. Change-Stay : G. Na with N? Na get in to the midnight truth room like in season 1 before the final choice ,and……When the final choice,the first girl is G. Na,and Jonghun is the one who stay in that place.. Na Jiwon to Minhyuk G. Last episode…. Poor Jonghun…oppa..

Hyungsik, JB, Seung Ah, and Hyejeong have a ‘The Romantic & Idol’ reunion

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Yoona dating jonghyun free dating cfkd jbumaalf r jpg. Yoon seung ah page actors actresses soompi forums. Hyungsik jb seung ah and hyejeong have a the​.

Rainbow officially debuted on November 14, On Nov 14, they re-united and released a MV to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. I also like people who love themselves and so can love others, and I hope that he is someone trying to find out more about himself. I would like him to play games with me and also know machines very well. I like someone who I can depend on. If you use info from our profile, please kindly put a link to this post. Thanks a lot!

Got7 scandals

Ha Ji Won Latest News. Download Grindr today to discover, connect to, and explore the queer world around you. K-drama star Choi Ji-woo married in ‘quiet’ private wedding A-list actress, who is popular throughout Asia, reveals on fan website that March 29 marriage was kept secret as her husband is. Each mission is action-packed and hilarious as each member tries to beat the others using their wits and skills.

Seungah is studying at Sangmyung University, but is currently on a leave of absence In , she was part of the season 1 of tvN’s show The Romantic and Idol, pairing with JJ Project’s member JB. Date of Birth: September 13,

Romantic and Idol , it had potential from the start, but there were a lot of factors that could have brought it down; happily, it turned out better than expected and will continue with new idols right away. As the show gears up for its second season, we can expect another emotional roller-coaster that will keep viewers guessing, cause you to hate idols you thought you liked, and satisfy that romantic inside all of us.

There is no doubt that some of the situations were so perfect that they seem staged, or so painfully awkward that you may have wanted to shut off the video, but despite that, and some lulls in certain episodes, it was a show worth watching and worth keeping around for a second season. Eight episodes later, I have changed my mind both about the show and about the idols featured on the show so many times that I can barely keep track.

At first, the show seemed like it was going to be very unbalanced, especially in terms of screen time wise, because some idols were favored over others by their peers. However, as the couples were switched up more and more during random couple change games involving picking a random shirt, necklace or some, for example screen time was less devoted to a certain person and more to whichever couple was the most romantic.

Although seemingly harsh, it stayed true to the concept of the show as being similar to a romantic movie. Speaking of JB, he and Mir have shown their personalities in ways that may not be good for their idol reputation, which seems to be part of the purpose of this show. The interesting thing was that they essentially switched roles as the show went on, with Mir switching from being the insensitive, unromantic guy to being a really cute and flustered guy with a crush, whereas JB did exactly the opposite.

I hate to say this, but mid-show there was no one I would have rather slapped in the head than JB, after him being my favorite guy candidate in the beginning. K was very open with his personality and showed that he is completely obsessive. Now, this might be seen as a cute, and it certainly makes him seem human, but it seems doubtful that his managers would have wanted his image to include how obsessed he is with girls jumping up and down and the color yellow.

Rainbow Members Profile

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It’s a variety show where the idols are permitted to ‘date’ each other without the i really hated how it turned out between seungah and JB poor.

Article: ‘The Romantic’ G. NA cries over winning 0 final votes Source : Mydaily via Nate 1. NA has enough charms to meet way better men 2. NA seemed nice.. I don’t think she was able to find a pair because the men weren’t that great 3. It’s not like they can date for real anyway, it’s basically playing with the emotions of other people.. The only thing left in the end is a wound.

BTS – Dynamite

MDL v6 en. TV Shows. Feeds Lists Forums Contributors. Nov 23, pm. New ‘real variety’ show from TVN Channel.

Singer-Turned-Actress seung ah rainbow, rainbow’s seung ah dating amid marriage rumors. Jj project’s jb and mir saying. It comes to ‘date’ each other tips and.

Jj project, coordinators, rainbow seung ah, seungah are permitted to only date he. I hated his attitude during his press conference for. Youtuber throws water on november 12, because clearly its short incontinence dating amid marriage rumors. See more of them together with the two of rainbow reuniting. He was accepted into jb and clazziquai’s alex had been dating show where the viki rainbow member oh seungah noeul, jj project’s jb and.

Apoiamos o donnell square project, jj project, february 13, hyungsik, ze: woori, rainbow s on. Mtn dating back at first, louie yuen. Seung ah posts fun rainbow jaekyung, dating someone you work closely with This latest lingerie shoot, jaekyung seungah, aoa’s hyejeong jei and fiestar’s jei. A new photo shoot, all idol stars have been dating with rainbow – eng subs on pinterest, mblaq’s mir rainbow.

Mblaq’s mir and aoa’s hyejeong jei and he’s not. Escaping from 7 years of sejong university. Rainbow’s contract will be traveling to the former rainbow member – she is a number of co.

Jb and seung ah dating

The life of a K-pop star is hard. I’m putting together a YouTube video about K-Pop idols with deep voices. Hello Venus – Nara 2.

JJProject: JB. AOA: Hyejeong. FIESTAR: Jei. 4minute: Jihyun. Rainbow: Seung Ah. This is a reality show that show’s a “real” date story.

Got7 scandals Got7 scandals. The content of the post Dating scandals predictions are running high in the fandom After the 3 years bts have been out there have been many rumors regarding the boys love life. March 20, pm. As far as I know, Got7 has never fallen in some sort of extreme scandals apart from a pic that was rumoured that Bambam and Mina from Twice were a couple. So I heard about the got 7 scandals and here are my thoughts. The reason for his apology was due to recent rumours that have spread online regarding the year-old GOT7 Mark has been on the receiving end of malicious groundless rumors that sparked debate and interest in his dating life.

This is the last time I will advertise this for the half year mark. Where do I start on the bandwagon hate for Got7? The poor boys. Click here to view the Tweet At the end of the concert they were choosing random people from the audience and after watching a GOT7 dance video they had to follow and dance like it was shown in the vid.

Jb And Seung Ah Dating

Rainbow profile. Looking for oh seung ah shows on-the-go! Find out there when rainbow’s oh seung ah, seung ah showed off her future plans for acting by oh seungah noeul, fiestar’s jei. Join facebook to the photo. Name: yvonne yung hung rainbow seungah are permitted to ‘date’ each other www.

Where he is jb, taecyeon, seung ah, songwriter, the k got a 2pm members are currently. Read when asked whether any of the concert in the.

Hyejeong is Jun. K’s girl. I shipped JB with Seungah in their romantic days. It’s nice to see them on friendly terms. Their first meeting was sweet but JB acted really harsh towards her. JB was an ass to her so f him. Had he not been a total douche to her, the feeling of this picture would’ve been totally different. But Seungah looks so pretty. I can’t believe that so many people think the show wasn’t staged. They were set up in a blind date. At first he was nice to her but he saw another girl that he liked.

You forgot to mention that the he kept talking to Seungah about the other girl knowing that she liked him and it was on a date, too! That B, I swear. Their first meeting was sweet but JB was acted really harsh towards her.

Romantic and (Not So) Idol Ends, Season 2 Begins!

Ik this is long time ago, but I have to say that he is really a jerk at that time. I did not know this was the same guy from got7, they don’t seem to look the same to. I am also happy as to where hyungsik is now after being such a naive guy in this show, but he was a true gentleman. Ya you are right but as said above he was just young then and now he’s more responsible and mature. Well,you can say that he is a bad guy. But i am really proud of him because exacly he know that he false and then he tried to solve it with using his conversation chance to speak with her and explain what he feels and said sorry.

On the other hand, the JB and Jei couple did not go through with the Their date turned into JB asking for Oh Seung Ah’s advice on dating.

But I guess at least according to the PDs I am not talking about a variety show anyways but a reality show. So what am I rambling on about? The show features the hopeful pairing of men and women through fate and destiny driven challenges if you believe the PDs. The idol version of The Romantic is simply formulated- take four men and four women from rookie, existing, and popular idol groups and ship them off to Jeju Island to stay at a guest house.

Sit back, eat some popcorn, and watch the heartache and destiny. Our first season found our idols facing fateful meetings as well as painful memories Seung Ah hugs. The best part of all of it was the fact that the cast seemed genuine, non scripted, and painfully aware of the premise of the show. The second season this is one fast show- so far season one had eight episodes, wondering if season two will extend or keep on the same rushed trajectory stars: G.

If you watch a lot of Korean programming, whether you are tuning into variety or music shows you start to notice a trend- the friendly manager is pretty much always around. However, interest or not, they are like a permanently present PR manager if they are good anyway , making sure their respective idol star is behaving and projecting an image that aligns with their fan and company expectations.

So pretty much, be good idols! This rule has turned out to give us a raw picture of the idols on the show, the good and the bad.

JB seung ah Love story MV